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Introduction: This desk functions as a screening site for listing good sources of key trade information. It is based on the author’s first hand knowledge and outside sources he has worked with in his capacity as a senior trade advisor. This advisory work was provided the U.S. House of Representatives (Committee on Small Business), the Secretary of Commerce, and the U.S. Trade Representative.

The “desk” is divided into two main categories: the Center Drawer contains information prepared by or with the author’s input on specific trade topics; the Side Drawers take you to other proven sources of trade information and support.

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Center Drawer

April 26, 2006 U.S. House Small Business Committee Hearing documented the dysfunctional operations of the U.S. trade facilitation efforts, a lacking U.S. National Export Strategy, and impediments to implementing Free Trade Agreements with the reduction of the U.S. trade deficit. Chairman Donald A. Manzullo's opening remarks summarized the issues and highlighted the corrective legislation that was introduced that day, H.R. 5196.

Building on the adverse findings from the Hearing, seven Inspectors General were engaged to undertake specific federal department reviews of the identified shortcomings.
On March 11, 2010 President Barack Obama issued Executive Order on the National Export Initiative that addressed the Hearing issues along with the principals of the introduced legislation (H.R. 5196). That same day, the President addressed the annual conference of the U.S. Export-Import Bank and further clarified the Executive Order.

Author's Response to June 30, 2010 Federal Register Request for Comments on the National Export Initiative.
A WTO Open Door Trade Environment Fosters SME Growth - November 1999
Opening the WTO Door for SMEs to Trade - October 1999
Guide to Opening the Door to Expanded Trade with Developing Countries.
Building a Broader Consensus for Trade - WTO & China Accession, March 2001: Remarks presented at the March 7, 2001, U.S. Senate Small Business Committee Forum
FTAA E-Commerce Second Report to Ministers - April 2001
FTAA Electronic Commerce Report & Recommendations - November 1999
September '97 Business Recommendations to APEC Small/Medium Enterprise Ministerial.
AOL's Your Business Lunch - 1/29/98 Transcript: "Small Business in International Trade."
AOL's Your Business Lunch - 6/12/97 Transcript: "Gateway to Russian Markets."
AOL's Your Business Lunch - 9/16/96 Transcript: "U.S. Trade Policy Impact on Small Business."
July-Aug. 2016 Journal Article - Life After The Foreign Service
Author’s Summary Resume.
Library of Congress' Foreign Affairs Oral History covering Author's Career in Revolution.

Side Drawers

Trade Leads Drawer:

Official "One-Stop-Shop" for trade information and support
U.S. Export Assistance including business/transaction financing
Help to Grow your Business
Vital Trade and Related Information
Protect your Intellectual Property at Home and Abroad

Trade Financing Drawer:

The World Bank - Worldwide project financing.
Asia Development Bank - Project financing in Asia.
Inter-American Development Bank - Project financing in Latin America & Brazil.
The European Bank - Central/Eastern Europe and NIS transition funding
U.S. Trade and Development Agency - Worldwide project feasibility study financing with pre-feasibility work set aside for U.S. small businesses.
Export-Import Bank of the U.S. - Provides exporters with financing guarantees, loans and insurance.
Overseas Private Investment Corporation - Facilitates project financing through direct loans, loan guarantees, and political risk insurance.

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